Our Easy Home Design Process

The Pole Home Centre are expert home designers and we make the entire process easy for our clients.

We’re proud of our easy, organised, and efficient design process, client satisfaction is our focus. 

From the initial consultation (usually on site) to the final design, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realised.  The process starts with a thorough consultation and ends with our clients having their plans approved and ready to build.

Here’s the Home Design Process:

1.    Your initial enquiry to The Pole Home Centre

2.    Meeting on your site (inspection and brief)

3.    We develop a proposal/quote for your consideration

4.    Approval of quote

5.    We organise all services and reports

6.    We design your plans in consultation with you. Initial Designs, concept development, design refinement, and construction documentation

7.    Obtain a construction price

8.    DA Approval

9.    Construction Certificate

10. Choose Finishes

11. Find a Builder

12. Start Construction

Additionally, we are always available throughout the process to answer any questions and provide guidance as needed.

If you are planning a new home or renovations to your existing home, then contact us for a Free Quote.  We can help ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Our focus on helping clients realise their dream home and our attention to detail, we ensure that the design process is seamless and efficient.  The result is a beautiful and functional home that meets all of our client’s needs.